being creatively fit making YOUR mark...

...AN EXPLORATION of Art Meeting Spirit


YOU can learn to use ART making to tap into your beautiful note and connect with the PEACE in the core of

YOUR being – even in the midst of chaos.

What’s the aim of this course? It’s about giving you tools to step into your FULL creative potential.

The ART is the JOURNEY - not the product.

The course content acts like a divining rod to find your ARTIST within.


Being Creatively Fit with Christine Pensa of Art That Moves from Art That Moves on Vimeo.


Join us in this safe and beautiful environment as we explore fun right brain exercises and meditative art practices to open up your creative spark. Then - you create your own inspirational painting. Don't worry - no painting experience necessary. That fearfulness you may feel is normal. It's your soul's way of letting you know - something exciting is just around the corner for you.

Whether you feel you’ve misplaced your artistic inspiration long ago or you are creative on a daily basis – you will find new ways to tap into your creativity and – your capacity for joy.

Finding your own CREATIVE VOICE helps you vibrate with the

joyful energy that IS your birthright.


Why I love sharing this course...


I believe pure art is about making YOUR mark, and not about judgement or who is technically proficient. It's about YOUR own beautiful note - and I know we all would love to hear you sing it!

I know Art is a way of coming home to my soul and that's what I want you to feel too!


Since the beginning of time humans have used art as a means of expressing what was going on in their tribe, in their family and in their heart. Art making was a way of expressing what's inside - of singing their unique note. COME SING YOURS!


NEW Course dates:

WINTER Session 2017

6 weeks Monday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to noon beginning January 23 to March 6 

(no class on Family day Feb.20)

SPRING Session 2017

6 weeks Monday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to noon beginning March 20 to May 1

(no class on Easter Apr.17)

SUMMER Session 2017

6 weeks Monday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to noon beginning May 8 to June 19 

(no class on Victoria day May 22)

NEW Evening Sessions

SPRING EVENING Sessions 2017

Monday evenings from 6 pm to 8:30 pm

Spring Session: March 20 to May 1 (no class on Easter Apr.17)

Summer Session: May 8 to June 19 (no class on Victoria day May 22)

  Instructor Christine Pensa is the co-creator and illustrator of the recently published, The Soul Discovery Coloring Book (Conari Press). Cost: $245.00 (+ supplies fee $45.00 payable at first class)** **Because so many students in the 6 week class want to continue for 12 weeks, I'm offering a special price if you sign up for 12 weeks. (12 week  regular cost: $580.00, save $100.00 when paying in full SPECIAL 12 WEEK PRICE: $480.00)

Location: Lucsculpture Studio 663 Greenwood Avenue ( Register: LUCSCULPTURE LINK or email


NOT in Toronto - but still interested in working with me. You can! I'm available to work with you one on one via Skype

We can connect with 1.5 hour CREATIVE CLARITY SESSION conducted via Skype. (Note: if you don’t already have Skype it is free and easy to install on your phone, iPad, or pc.) We will work together to identify and understand what you need clarity on in your own life. Using simple art practices that open up your right brain, you will start a dialogue with you own heart's images. One which I know will bring years of enjoyment and insight. Did you know images speak to our subconscious mind much more easily than words. You’ve heard the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Many people are out of practice with hearing the visual language of your own art making, even though creating is a fundamental part of our overall well-being. Creating art can speak to us more eloquently than words because images are closer to our subconscious than words. You begin with your creative imagination and as you become more comfortable with the power of your soul’s voice you learn to discern the messages and bring that wisdom into your daily life.

You can sign up for a CREATIVE Clarity Session one on one creative art and soul coaching via Skype. More info here.

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