mandala workshop


Mandalas have been described variously as

sacred circle, container of essence,

engine of change, doorway, portal, mirror or map


This class is an invitation to explore Mandala as a way of connecting to your creative spirit. In this 3.5 hour class you will be introduced to the idea of personal Mandala making. We will work to create several basic Mandalas using different mediums — paint, inks, markers and pastels — in different styles and with different intentions. A beautiful and fulfilling opportunity to express your creativity with this ancient craft!

Mandala is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning sacred circle. Mandalas have been found in art since the beginning of time. We will explore mandala as a way of connecting to your creative spirit.

The class will be an introduction to mandala making using several mediums - paint, inks, markers and pastels.

By creating your own personal mandalas you will begin to tap into the power of the mandala as a personal tool of healing and insight into your own life.

In January's Mandala class we will pay special attention, and intention, to creating a personal Mandala for 2017.

  Mandala Classes with Christine Pensa from Art That Moves on Vimeo.  

Join me at TWO Class LOCATIONS 

Artscape Youngplace or Graven Feather Gallery

or CREATE a session in your own space

Book a private session with 4 or more



This workshop is 3.5 hours. Saturday, April 8 location tba (west end Toronto) Sunday, June 4 from 2:30 to 6:00 p.m. in Flex Studio 108

Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw Street, Toronto, ON

Course Fee: $75.00 includes all materials.



NEW dates coming soon


NEW DATES for MANDALA PART TWO click on the image below for more info


Instructor Christine Pensa is practicing visual artist and a certified Creatively Fit Coach

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