Elemental Self Care

NEW spring session of Elemental Self Care

6 weeks May 14 to June 18, 2017

A chance to nourish yourself first in 2017 . . .

What I've noticed this time of year is that my inbox is filled to the brim with courses that offer to boost my abundance, or joy, or income, or whatever in "three easy steps."  Maybe you're like me and this kind of offer leaves you cold? Let me share what I've learned from personal experience—change and growth only have real roots if they are nurtured by your own heART's connection. I have found reaching my highest potential begins by recognizing and responding to the self care and nurturing of my own soul. Once I've taken care of my own healing growth—I can't help but expand out into my community from a place of harmony and love. That's why I am thrilled to partner with Emma Kupu Mitchell for our 2nd online retreat to create a supportive community, to share exercises to expand and nourish your creativity—and—to expand your capacity for creating positive change in the way you care for yourself. This kind of change comes from you, tailored to meet your own needs, and fed by the beautiful voice of your own discernment. Elemental Self Care, offers you the opportunity to be part of a supportive and loving community as you explore the creative and spiritual depths of your own voice. If you're interested in taking time to nourish yourself by discovering new creative and healing practices you can take into the year ahead, we'd be delighted to have you join us!  

. . . and the perfect gift to give yourself

a simple 6 week collaborative journey with EMMA KUPU MITCHELL & CHRISTINE PENSA A soul nourishing exploration using creative play and healing practice to bring harmony to YOUR busy life


Each week you will receive

A safe place to connect and recharge.

Three valuable ideas or practices that can be done in under 10 minutes per day.

Video follow up

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week-4-elemental-self-care-2   week-5-elemental-self-care-2  


6 Sundays beginning

Sunday, May 14, 2017 to Sunday, June 18, 2017

10:00 a.m. UTC, 3:00 p.m. EST


What will you receive?

3 valuable practices – 1 letting go 2 –replenishing

Every week you will receive 3 creative exercises and healing practices. Each practice and exercise will be inspired by our exploration of the Four Elements and can be done in less than 10 minutes. Emma and Christine will share their own simple strategies for self care, and because this course is about self care, we don’t want to add to your to do list. It is our intention to help you develop a practice to put yourself first. It’s about respecting the stillness you need to thrive. It's about being gentle with yourself—nurturing and healing yourself—as we explore through the lense of the four elements.

The course is designed for women who want to be part of a community that celebrates and honours time for self care.

What kinds of practices will you be sharing?

Each week will be different. Emma and Christine are working collaboratively to share practices in their areas of expertise like—art and creative explorations, creative visualization meditations, Shamanic journeying basics, sound healing, yoga and pranayama exercises, and numerology. Their intention is to offer you a wonderful buffet of delights from which you will choose, then tailor to work with your own schedule and lifestyle.

How do you attend video conferencing?

The course will be held on Zoom video conference. Once you register you will receive all the necessary information to be part of this interactive and safe space.

You are attending this online retreat from the comfort of your own home—simple, yet powerful. Emma, Christine and the participants will create a safe and loving circle to explore the four elements.

What if I can’t attend during the class times?

No worries if you can’t attend during the class times. All participants will receive a video recording of the class content within 24 hours of each class. You can listen and watch on your own timing. Our private Facebook page will be another safe space where you can connect with others in the course, share your story, and ask questions.

Who are Emma Kupu Mitchell and Christine Pensa?

Emma Kupu Mitchell has been a practitioner of holistic therapies for over 25 years –licensed as LMT, RYT (200) clinical Aromatherapy, Ayurveda and Numerology.

She uses this extensive knowledge of ancient healing practices as she guides you on a full sensory journey to wholeness.

Her passion is the senses- believing these are the pathways of the soul and to your greatness

Emma has a very practical grounded approach, providing a safe space for you to explore your own healing journey together

Christine Pensa is a practicing visual artist and creativity way-shower. She leads art making classes live and online, and is the co-creator and illustrator of, The Soul Discovery Coloring Book, published by Conari Press.

Christine believes everyone can and should learn the visual language of their soul by reclaiming their own mark-making delight using simple, fun exercises.

Christine finds much joy in exploring traditional Shamanic teaching and practices. Like her friends, and creative partners, the bees—Christine searches out flowering fields with the best nectar and brings back the magic she finds there to share with the participants in her classes.

Christine is excited to be partnering with the talented healer, Emma Kupu Mitchell to bring this creative, soul-filled journey through the elements to life.

Christine has learned first hand that self care is elemental to her well being. She would love to invite you to join on this journey designed to make you feel lighter and freer.



What is the cost?

As this is their second collaboration, Emma and Christine are pleased to offer Elemental Self Care at a very reasonable rate.


The REGULAR retreat price is $199.00,

our SPECIAL OFFER to you right now is $159.00



If you feel called to take time to nourish yourself in a caring circle of like-minded women, Emma and I would love you to join us in this online retreat.

The course runs May 14 to June 18, 2017, with NEW exclusive VIDEO lessons released every Monday.

Live classes will be held every Sunday

at 3:00 p.m. EST

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WATCH the videos below where Emma and Christine explain a little more about their first magical collaboration.

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