I'm Christine Pensa the face behind Art That Moves.

cpensa square portrait art that moves   After a successful career as a political assistant to both a federal and provincial cabinet minister in Canada - I was increasingly drawn to creative life. I took an art course and found my true passion was painting - not politics. I recognized that I was not only the sort of person whose spirit is fed by visual treats, but that I was also the sort of person who needed to create or wither. I pursued studies in art and continue to find joy in painting and print making. Figurative work is central to my art. My visual pieces are a reflection of what is germane in my life and therefore revolve around the evolution of spirituality, the practice of yoga - and especially women and their diverse manifestations of beauty. I started as a painter and over the years I added print-making to my work - creating and working with lino blocks, etchings, and screen printing allows me to explore graphic images. I am very drawn to print making because of it's joyful graphic nature. For me, printing feels like shorthand. I love how it communicates clearly at our most primitive level. Exploring the energy that occurs when images and words connect - art that moves - is one of my favourite ways to create. Inspirational words from great poets and seers (one of my favourites is 11th century Sufi mystic Jalal-ud-Rumi) provides the creative fuel for many of my paintings. I start with a word or a poem and allow an image to unfold in my mind. I translate that image onto a canvas, a piece of paper or a piece of fabric.  

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do-

there are 1,000 ways to kneel and kiss the earth. (Rumi)

Over the last 15 years - I began to work on large scale art projects in the elementary school system. What I saw in the children I was working with was a real need for embracing and showcasing their own creative spirit. The joy on their faces as they transformed their bland playgrounds and drab hallways made me feel I could make a difference. I feel blessed to be able to work with these children highlighting the joy and energy of their own creativity. I have recently added adult classes. There are so many adults who are not expressing their creative spirit. You can find details of my adult classes under "courses and classes" on this site. I have also been thrilled to find a wonderful community of artist friends and mentors who have helped me to display my work at numerous galleries in Toronto in both solo and group shows. My screen printed work, original illustrations and art greeting cards are carried by several retail stores in Ontario and you can also find me online at Etsy.  

Celebrating art, creating and joy everyday

Life’s visual treats have always fed my spirit. When someone creates something there is a joy radiating off of that object. My vision is to be part of a community who celebrates that joyful vibration and the sharing of visual treats. Mutually inspiring friendships boost creativity.  
Exploring the energy that happens when images and words or poems connect – Art That Moves – is one of my favourite ways to create. I start with a word or a poem and allow an image to unfold in my mind. I have always used this technique painting on canvas and working with lino block prints.
Opening my Etsy shop allowed me to expand into the fabulous world of printing on fabric. I love designing a screen print image which I then hand print onto a plain piece of fabric. That action transforms the fabric into a piece of art. Working in my studio I might print two yards or twenty in an afternoon. Printing allows me to shut off my mind and flow. The rhythm of pouring the ink – running the squegee over the fabric again and again is meditative and satisfying.
 I am a Certified Creatively Fit Coach (see Whitney Freya's program at www.creativelyfit.com) and I am thrilled to add new workshops which encourage artists and non-artist alike to explore and embrace their own beautiful creative song.
NEW I am thrilled to announce The Soul Discovery Coloring Book is now published and available on Amazon, Indigo and for order at your local bookstore. Along with author Janet Conner, I co-created and illustrated this exciting colouring book, which is so much more than a colouring book. Find out more here.
Listen for your spirit’s creative song…

Christine Pensa

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