Bees (& the Birds) Art Show


Bees (& the birds) Show 2017

Artists helping pollinators! #artistssavethebees #artistshelpingpollinators #beesandthebirdsartshow2017


OPEN CALL for ARTISTS Want to make a difference with your art and help the bees?

NEW this YEAR!

We're looking for BOTH Fine Artists and Craftspersons to participate in the

3rd ANNUAL Bees (& the birds) group show

to raise funds & awareness for our friends the bees

The show will be held once again at the TEST Gallery (Graven Feather Gallery) 906 Queen St. W., Toronto from JUNE 7th to JUNE 20th, 2017.


Wednesday, June 7 12-5,

Thursday, June 8 12-7

Opening night reception 5-8

Friday, June 9 12-7

Saturday, June 10 12-6

Sunday, June 11 12-6

Wednesday, June 14 12-5

Thursday, June 15 12-7

Friday, June 16 12-7

Saturday, June 17 12-6

Sunday, June 18 12-6

CLOSING DAY Tuesday, June 20 12-5


Details for this open call show For FINE ARTISTS

NEW Fine artists can submit bee or pollinator themed 2D original artwork up to 24 x 30 inches total size. Only 20 fine artists will be accepted in the salon style show.

  SUBMISSIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY APRIL 30, 2017 Apply by emailing the following information to beesandthebirds@rogers.com
  • Your contact info including name/website/email/cell
  • A short (1 paragraph) bio *include in the body of the email please. NO word attachments thanks.
  • A working website link, or 3 jpeg images of work similar to what you wish to display at the show.
  • Note: a $35 + hst hanging fee is payable upon acceptance and must be paid in full by May 25, 2017.
  • The gallery retains a 15% commission + 3% credit card charge on sold work.
  • NEW this year, the commission rate is LOWER, but the bees will still receive 10% of fine art sales.
  • In addition to sold work, a portion of all show fees will go to the David Suzuki Foundation's bee program.



Apply by emailing the following information to beesandthebirds@rogers.com

  • Your contact info including your name/name of your business/your webite/email/cell
  • A short (1 paragraph) bio included in the body of your email. NO word attachments please.
  • If not apparent on your website, an explanation, picture or link to your bee theme work and/or how your work fits the theme of the show.
  • NEW This year Craftspersons work will be displayed at the discretion of the show organizers, retail style.
  • You are not responsible for being with your work, or setting up your work. If your work needs special display furnishing, show organizers would appreciate if you provide them.
  • The number of pieces you leave at the show will depend on the size of your work. A good rule of thumb to begin is @10 pieces. You will be welcome to replenish stock during the two week show.
  • Note: Craftspersons will pay a $20 + hst admission fee upon acceptance and must be paid in full by May 25, 2017.
  • A portion of all show fees will go to the David Suzuki Foundation's bee program.
  • Craftspersons work will be subject to a consignment split of 60% to the artist - 40% to the gallery.
  • All consignment proceeds, less 10% to the gallery and any credit card fees, will be donated to help the bees. The remaining 60% will go to the artist.

Bees (& the Birds) Show runs June 7 to June 20, 2017

OPENING NIGHT JUNE 8th Our address is: TEST Gallery 906 Queen Street West Toronto, ON, M6J 1G9

Contact email for show: beesandthebirds@rogers.com. SEE FAQ’s below.

Bee show FAQ’S

Common questions about the show answered

Who gets the proceeds?

All the funds raised are directed specifically to the David Suzuki Foundation's bee program.

For fine artists - Can I submit more than one piece?

You can fit one piece that fits within the 24 x 30 inch space per artist. If your work is small, then you can submit another piece, keeping in mind appropriate spacing between pieces. Also, you will be welcome to replace sold pieces during the show as long as the piece stays within the show theme.

Do you accept prints?

Yes we accept prints. If you are exhibiting as a fine artist, prints need to be hand printed and in limited runs. NEW this year, we also welcome additional artist prints in a flip style display unit. Prints in this area will be accepted on consignment only at the discretion of the show organizers. The prints will be subject to a consignment split of 60% to the artist and 40% to the gallery. All consignment proceeds, less 10% to the gallery and any credit card fees, will be donated to help the bees.

For craftspersons - how many pieces do I bring as a craftsperson?

The number of pieces you bring for the opening of the show will depend on your work. The average to begin with is @10 pieces per craftspersons. There is limited storage at the gallery, but the show organizers will be in touch during the show and are happy to replenish your stock during the run of the show.

Is there an opening?

Yes! There will be an opening reception on Thursday, June 8th from 5 to 8 p.m. You will be welcome to invite friends, family and patrons to attend the reception and encourage them to come anytime during the show's run. Show opening hours will be clearly posted in your acceptance information package.

Where does my show fee go?

Ten percent of your show fee goes directly to the David Suzuki Foundation's bee program. The rest of the show fee goes toward renting the gallery space, publicity and to provide refreshments for the opening night on Thursday, June 8th. The above noted percentage of your sales will go directly to the same bee charity. The show is completely volunteer run.

As a participating artist, how can I help?

The show is volunteer run and as such relies on active participation from the artists. Please plan to attend the show some time during the run, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Helping promote the show using your social media to spread the scope of the reach is essential to the success of the show! The show organizers will provide you with show hashtags in your acceptance package.


We'll be at Patagonia Toronto (500 King Street West) to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. and raise awareness about the bees. We'll be joined by the founder of the Heritage Bee Company, Debbie Gray, who will bring one of their hive boxes!


Scene from bee show 2016.

Scene from bee show 2015

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Sharing tools for your creative heART

Or, I get by with a little help from my creative friends . . .

3 NEW books you'll adore

PLUS 2 dreamy retreat ideas


April is an exciting month because Janet Conner & Whitney Freya have released their new books!

These two incredible women started as my mentors. Now they are my honoured friends.

I'm bursting with JOY to see them soar with the launches of their NEW books!

I know you will want to order both ASAP.



Janet Conner

I was delighted to co-create, The Soul Discovery Coloring Book, with Janet last year. That joyful collaboration led to an online course, Express Your Soul's Beauty, and that led to the cementing of our deep friendship. It's not just me though, Janet inspires everyone she meets. Janet invites her readers and participants in her class to—explore the fields of the soul—together. Janet's latest of 7 books is a call to go beyond knowing your soul's purpose—to finally live your dreams. Janet has a gift for leading readers on a step by step joyful, and sacred journey. Buy Janet's book.        

Whitney Freya

I met Whitney Freya online several years ago when I completed her Creatively Fit Coaching program, and then in person at a coaches' retreat. Whitney's zest for life and creativity matches my own, and she inspires people everyday to pick up a paintbrush and express themselves. Whitney's joy and energy are contagious. Whitney says paintbrushes are—magic wands, guiding you into new landscapes of possibility. Rise Above is a creative guide to free your mind from limitation. In this, her 3rd book, Whitney invites readers paint with energy and intention. Great bonus is you pre-order, you'll receive an immediate download of the book!     Buy Whitney's book.              


AND you'll also want to order this one!

Erin Klassen

        When Etsy Canada invited me to go to Nunavut in 2015, I knew it would be a life-changing experience. What I didn't know is that Erin Klassen and I, despite our age difference, would find a sister kinship that fills my heart. Erin is a master facilitator, creator, publisher—and talented writer—bringing the work of 17 co-collaborators together to create magic. This is Erin's 2nd book featuring a collection of poetry, prose and art. You Care Too Much explores the question of "self care," with universal healing truth bombs. Buy Erin's book.          

AND Speaking of Self Care . . .

. . . 2 great ideas for your own nourishing self care


  Emma Kupu Mitchell and I are offering our second online course, Elemental Self Care. I am delighted to partner with Emma once again! Emma shares her expertise and experience guiding people on multi-sensory soul journeys with course participants. I bring the nectar gathered from my Shamanic experiences and ground them in creative exercises. (More INFO)

This course if about bringing HARMONY into your busy life using creative exercises, breathing and mindfulness practice, sacred community, sound healing and more.

Participants in the first course loved the journey, and they wanted more, so we've extended the course from 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

Join us on May 14, 2017 and take time to nourish yourself in a sacred circle of like-minded women.




NURTURE yourself in Roches Point on Lake Simcoe, Ontario


Erin Klassen introduced me to the gorgeous retreats created by Sonja Seilor. Seilor's mandate at Nurture is to provide creative sanctuary & self care for entrepreneurs via retreats and curated experiences.

My words cannot begin to do just to the exquisite world Seilor has created there. Go to her website—better still—sign up for her upcoming Spring retreat April 25 to 27, 2017.

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Creativity soothes the rough spots

The lovely Emma Kupu Mitchell and I just finished teaching our four week online course, Elemental Self Care last Sunday. The class content proved to be essential for me as I started 2017. There are great shifts happening in my own life, which I know are mirroring the great shifts we’re all feeling right now. Some I had planned, some I definitely had not.  

Letting go can be hard. Letting go is also essential.

  At the end of 2016 I knew I had to let go of something that I love—namely being an almost full-time creator and producer of my Om for your home line—in order to make room for what I love more. It wasn’t an easy decision to stop producing my art and supplying customers and retailers, but I knew it was the right one. I needed to let go to open up to what I love more, and that is sharing the joy and healing creating has brought to my life. The kind of creating I do has shifted to include healing modalities that have been part of my life for years.  

Like my beautiful bee friends—I have gathered nectar from many fields of flowers. Now I am returning to share the joy with the hive community doing a waggle dance of delight!

  christine-pensa-artist-art-that-moves   My creative practice has become a hybrid of all the other learning in my life. This practice has expanded my heart and the creative heART’s of those coming to my classes. My joy has expanded. I feel a new energy, and, I am getting out of the way so I can be more open to hear the promptings of my spirit. A beautiful new soul friend suggested to me recently that I have been—like my beloved friends, the bees—gathering nectar from many fields of flowers, and now I am returning to the hive with my waggle dance of delight to share with my community. Getting out of my own way and opening up has been the easy part. The harder part has been to consistently practice self care during this time of change. The world is shifting and changing around me, no doubt! My family is shifting and changing this year too. We are helping my father dismantle his home of over 20 years and settle into assisted living. It’s emotional, and it is tiring, and there’s lots of letting go. I have so much on my dance card, I didn’t want to make self care another obligation.  

Elemental Self Care Online Community 2nd class coming later this spring

Free Mini-class 30 minute video

Sign up to get a taste of our course delights

      elemental-self-care,-emma-kupu-mitchell,-christine-pensa,-www.artthatmoves.ca   When Emma and I created our course that was our intention, to make self care a joy. Self care as creative, expansive, magical, nurturing—and coincidentally—in perfect timing for us too. We loved it! We received such great feedback from the glorious circle of creative explorers in the first session, that we know we have to do it again! What I know is that creating this content has opened me up to new ways of being in joy while caring for my own needs. It's a light practice. Stay tuned for information on Elemental Self Care part two coming this spring. We would love you to join us. Another lesson I learned from creating the course was to be open. In fact, after returning from a tiring week moving, packing and arranging my father's house, I thought I might be too tired to attend Journal Jam night hosted by talented creative coach and friend, Jamie Ridler of Jamie Ridler's studios. I went in spite of my tiredness, because I knew I needed to do something for myself.

Creating, as always, proved to be a balm for my soul. I lost myself in the delight of mark making—once again—just for my own joy. I left feeling energized—my rough spots soothed.


Wishing you a creative day that soothes your soul!

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Creative Possibilities 2017

Embracing Creative Possibilities for 2017 Weekly affirmations from Art That Moves to help you say YES to your creative life!

The image below will be the first in a series of weekly affirmations to inspire your creative dreams. I made these cards a couple years ago and had them printed for my live art classes. Students pick one at the beginning of the class to give themselves a creative boost.

This year I thought it would be great to share them more widely, so I’ll be posting one a week for 2017 - for a total of 52, and this will be a creative challenge for me too because I only wrote 40!

I'm getting my thinking cap on to create more.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy—and perhaps—be inspired to bring more creativity into your own life every week in 2017!


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Boost YOUR creative potential in the NEW year

Creative ideas for moving into 2017


We're coming to the end of 2016, and I know for many of us it has been a challenging time I know for me moving forward feels lighter—when you feel connected—when you are in community—so I thought I would share the work of some wonderful humans I have found comforting, inspirational and creatively joy-filled. My wish for you is that you too will find your own voice by tapping into the inspirational voices all around you!

slide-one-art-that-moves-2017     slide-2-art-that-moves-2017  

Here are some ideas to BOOST your creative potential in 2017

1. Creative people share their ideas & inspirations I was delighted to be part of the lovely Sarah Marie Thompson's conversations with Wild and Creative people in 2016. Sarah spoke to 30 people about their creative ideas and inspirations. You can find my interview HERE, or click here to scroll through all 30 creative interviews.


christine pensa creative interview 2. A creative community of prayer My dear friend, and co-creator of—The Soul Discovery Coloring Book—is the soul-full and effervescent, Janet Conner. Janet has created the 1 of Hearts Global Prayer Community To feed the Voice of Love in ‘We the People’ To create a seat at the table for everyone. You can join the daily global prayer from any time zone, find out more about this powerful intentional initiative by clicking the link above, or by joining the Facebook group here.

janet conner, christine pensa, the soul discovery coloring book You can also join any one of the online classes Janet offers throughout the year. Signing up for one of her classes was how I met Janet and we became collaborators. Divine creative synchronicity! 3. Year round creative podcast inspiration! My first recommendation is my friend Jamie Ridler's podcast, Creative Living with Jamie. Each week Jamie talks to creative people to bring their inspirational stories to you. Jamie's infectious zest for life is sure to inspire your creativity. christine pensa, jamie ridler, creativity, art that moves My next recommendation is the thought provoking podcast, On Being, with Krista Tippett. The podcast description says it best, "On Being takes up the big questions of meaning with scientists and theologians, artists and teachers — some you know and others you'll love to meet. Each week a new discovery about the immensity of our lives." The sister podcast, Creating Our Own Lives, poses this question; "We’re called to create a better world, but what about the more immediate task of creating our own lives?" Both are great to fuel your creative fires. I've enjoyed being a daily Design*Sponge newsletter subscriber for years. It's founder, Grace Bonney, continues to bring a curated list of visual delights. Bonney has put together a list of, 13 Amazing Female Podcasters to Follow. You will undoubtedly find one who will inspire you among them. I know there are a couple I will be adding to boost my playlist inspiration.

COMING in January . . . . . . a chance to nourish yourself first in 2017

What I've noticed this time of year is that my inbox is filled to the brim with courses that offer to boost my abundance, or joy, or income, or whatever in "three easy steps."  If you're like me and this kind of offer leaves you cold. What I've learned from personal experience is that change and growth only have real roots if it is nurtured by your own heART's connection. Reaching your highest potential begins by recognizing and responding to the self care and nurturing of your soul. That's why I am thrilled to partner with Emma Kupu Mitchell for our online retreat to create a supportive community, to share exercises to expand and nourish your creativity, and, to expand your capacity for creating positive change in the way you care for yourself. Elemental Self Care, an online retreat offers you the opportunity to be part of a supportive and loving community as you explore the creative and spiritual depths of your own voice. If you're interested in taking time to nourish yourself by discovering new creative and healing practices you can take into the year ahead, we'd be delighted to have you join us! More info. elemental-square

REGISTER before January 11, 2017 to get the SPECIAL PRICE and receive 2 FREE Self-Care exercises ONLY $119.