doodling – please do

I am taking a fabulous course – Creatively Fit Coaching with Whitney Ferre – where I have been called upon to scribble – several times a day. I haven’t scribbled or doodled mindlessly in some time. I did it all the time in school and got in trouble for “messing up” my notebooks. I shared one of my doodles done while participating in a group call with my course-mates. At first I hesitated to share my doodling because I thought my course mates might think I wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying. I was – intently. In fact – my doodles were highlighting and illustrating most of what they were saying.

I posted the doodle on the Facebook page our group shares. What do you know – my course mates got it. One great woman even shared a TED talk link. I recommend it if you are a doodler – a new one – a reformed one or a reluctant one. Sunni Brown’s TED talk titled Doodlers Unite! (link)

Brown talks about how doodling is not the enemy but friend to intellectual thought. What if people consciously could use doodling as a means of focusing on what their co-workers & teachers were saying instead of escaping what their co-workers were saying?

Experiment – embrace your own scribbler & see if it improves your comprehension.