Awakened Woman Self Care podcast is LIVE now!

Awakened Woman Self Care Podcast is live now!




Christine and Emma wanted to reach more women to encourage them to cultivate a deeper practice of self care to feed their body, soul and spirit. Their curiosity about how other awakened women tend to their own self care led the pair to joyfully co-create their NEW podcast Awakened Woman Self Care.

The podcast will launch in September 2017 and will be a sacred space for sharing inspiring ideas and divine conversations with guests Emma and Christine love and admire!

Mindful that part of good self care is not getting bogged down in too much information, Emma and Christine have limited the podcast to 30 minutes. Each week Christine and Emma will invite a woman they admire to share some of her personal self care practices. Their guests will be asked how what they do, and who they are becoming is in alignment with and feeds into their self care practice. Hearing how others align their physical and spiritual practice of self care can be quite enlightening. Christine and Emma trust their guests will inspire listeners to add to—or create their own—self care practice in perfect alignment with their beautiful hearts.





Entering Winter’s Womb

Announcing a very special Online Solstice Retreat

sponsored by the Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

                                         Awakened Woman Self Care podcast co-hosts Emma Kupu Mitchell & Christine Pensa


My podcast co-host, Emma Kupu Mitchell and I have been busy taping episodes for our podcast, Awakened Woman Self Care, well into the new year. We have met so many wise women and have been spiritually fed by their sharing. We wanted more for us, and for our listeners!

That’s why we created our upcoming online video retreat—Entering Winter’s Womb, Exquisite self care rituals to nourish you.


Ancient wise women honoured winter as the season of traveling inward—as a time of rest and renewal.

In today’s modern world, there is tremendous pressure for us to ignore the wise woman inside. 

Winter has become notoriously busy, loud, and demanding. It’s common for women like us/you to put their self-care on hold until the new year when we feel pressured—yet again—to make changes based on external pressure instead of our own Divine Feminine wisdom. 

Now is the time for all of us to reclaim the sacred time we need to recover our power. 

Entering Winter’s Womb is an invitation to slow down and honour our spirit’s true desires at this sacred time of year. 

Join us at our online winter retreat designed to turn this season back into the powerful transformative time the ancient wise woman in you knows it to be. 

When you sign up for this FREE online event, you join us in this liminal space created just for you. 

Liminal spaces are powerful entry points…

The breath between waking and sleep
The edge of the shore as it meets the ocean
The moment the mountain levels into the valley
Or—at the entrance of a cave . . . and this is where our story begins.

Together we will journey into the Winter’s Womb cave by shifting our consciousness to the place of new beginnings. 


We will provide 3 days of video sessions featuring 13 Wise Women—inspiring, modern day mystics from all walks of life. 

Together we will…

Shift our physical bodies from doing to being
Move through the liminal space into the vast territory of our own interior BEING
Create the space to allow great healing
Cultivate our light and learn to embody our light before sharing with our beloved world
To do this we shift our consciousness to embody our BIG dreams


Learn the 3 practices of reclaiming our power— by remembering, releasing, and re-igniting 

You were drawn here for a reason.

GET YOUR FREE ACCESS to enter this sacred gateway. Emma and I look forward to meeting you in winter’s womb.















Entering Winter’s Womb trailer from Art That Moves on Vimeo.

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