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Our spring session of Elemental Self Care was so delightful that Emma Kupu Mitchell and I have launched a NEW podcast

Awakened Woman Self Care

We’ve deepened our own self care practices and are working to LAUNCH a BRAND NEW Elemental Self Care, a sacred self care community to take you through 2018!

The community will open for registration in January 2018!

The community we will create for this all new exploration of self care through the Elements, will meet live monthly on 11 New Moons in 2018 beginning on February 15.

Each month you will receive regular self care exercises, information and rituals to integrate into and expand your own self care.

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A chance to nourish yourself first . . .


Life often feels busy and you can feel overwhelmed by the demands of your job, your family, your friends, or the overall chaos happening in the world around you. 
I’m here to tell you that YOUR Self Care is in your hands.

Taking the time to honour yourself is in your own hands. Reaching out to connect with a community that nourishes and respects you is in your hands. Reaching out to connect to Earth is in your hands.


. . . is in your hands


Each month just before the New Moon we will gather live on Zoom video. We will join hands in our safe virtual circle to connect, create ceremony and share.

During the month, you will receive simple recorded creative exercises and practices from our hands to yours. To help you connect with yourself. To help you connect with the Elements. To help you connect with the sweet nourishment of your own heart.

in this 11 month collaborative journey with

Full Sensory Soul Guide EMMA KUPU MITCHELL &

Creative Way-Shower CHRISTINE PENSA

You will be nourished by a community of women, you will enjoy soul nourishing explorations using creative play and healing practices to bring harmony into YOUR busy life


Each month you will be part of a live gathering of our Sacred Self Care Community

Community that is a safe place to connect and recharge.



About Emma Kupu Mitchell and Christine Pensa

christine pensa and emma kupu mitchell


Emma Kupu Mitchell . . .

is a Full Sensory Soul Guide. Emma has been a practitioner of holistic therapies for over 25 years, licensed as LMT, RYT (200), clinical Aromatherapy, Ayurveda and Numerology.

Emma uses her extensive knowledge of ancient healing practices as she guides you on a full sensory journey to wholeness.

Her passion is the senses—believing these are the pathways of the soul and to your greatness. Emma has a very practical grounded approach, providing a safe space for you to explore your own healing journey.


Christine Pensa . . .

is a practicing visual artist and creativity way-shower. She leads sacred art making classes live and online, and is the co-creator and illustrator of, The Soul Discovery Coloring Book, published by Conari Press.

Christine believes everyone can and should learn the visual language of their own soul by reclaiming creativity as a practice using simple, fun exercises.

Over the last few years Christine has found much joy in exploring and training in traditional Shamanic teaching and practices. These practices wind their way into her joyful classes. Like her beloved friends, and creative partners, the bees—Christine describes her process—as searching out flowering fields with the best nectar, then bringing back the magic she finds there to share with others.




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