One on One Creative Coaching

I am passionate about re-connecting people with their creative art-making joy. I would be delighted to work with you too. You can access my live class listings here. 

Connecting to your CREATIVE He(ART) is connecting to the WAYFINDER within.

Or you can connect with me online via Skype and we can work together step by step to re-ignite your creative spark. (see link below)



Understand what’s standing between your creative spirit and playing with ART. Learn to recognize the roadblocks and reclaim your creative birthright. Begin to play with art in a way that nourishes you and deepens the dialogue with your soul.

I know my daily dose of creativity is a necessity to my mental health and well being. For me art is a way of coming home to my soul. Creating – even for just a few minutes a day – means I am at peace. The world looks brighter. I feel so much is possible and I am filled with gratitude.

Here are three things that might be holding you back from creating – I know they did me.


The number one reason I hear from adults who don’t practice their creativity is their belief in the stories other people have told them. It might have been a parent, a teacher or a classmate. Someone in your past has told you that your art wasn’t good enough. That’s when the natural exuberance and joy you felt while creating was silenced. That’s when you began to proclaim loudly, often and before anyone else could, “I’m not a good artist.” Soon the story someone told you has become your own.

It’s time to write a new story. One that starts something like this…I am creative because it’s my birthright as a human being. Painting and creating brings joy to my life. I express myself with art making just for the bliss of hearing what my soul is saying on this day.




Yup, fear again. It comes up a lot in our lives. The core of your fear around creating is likely judgement.

Once you take in the stories other people told you about your creativity you begin judging yourself and others. You don’t allow yourself to be creative because that’s for the “talented artists.” Once you see how silly that sounds you can let go of the belief. For instance if you told yourself the story you weren’t good at math (like me) – would you decide you could never use money because you weren’t “talented” enough?


Why do we put technical skills in art – which is a learned aptitude – and creating in the same hand? Creating is as natural as BREATHING. It’s breathing in life. You have the right to use art to begin a colour-filled dialogue with your soul.





We can start with an introductory Skype call lasting about 30 to 45 minutes. The cost is $50 payable here. If we continue to work together the $50 is deducted from our first session. (I can work with you live if you live in the GTA or we can work online via Skype.)

OR, if you’re ready to jump right in, we can start with a Creative Clarity Session. The session lasts 1.5 hours and it costs $150 CAD. Click the icon below to sign up.





For a full list of my current classes HERE.

I can also custom craft online or live healing art sessions for you. We can set up an introductory Skype call to determine what would work for your needs. Contact me to set up a time.




Christine Pensa of Art That Moves is a visual artist who joyfully runs her successful Om for your home line of printed textiles and original illustrations from her Toronto studio. Her heart centred art is available online and in several retail outlets.

Christine is the co-creator and illustrator of, The Soul Discovery Coloring Book, now available at local bookstores and Amazon.

teen with book pink

Christine is the co-creator and illustrator of, The Soul Discovery Coloring Book, now available at local bookstores and Amazon.


Christine is also a passionate “WAYshower” (she doesn’t like to use the word teacher) sharing art and creativity classes with children and adults. She enjoys mural making with elementary school kids  – as well as – creative art classes with adults. Christine invites participants of all ages to meet their own artist within and embrace their creative heART with right brain opening exercises and joy-filled art explorations.





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