Grace Your Wheels


When you uncover daily practices that work for you your daily "discipline" flows as joy!

Though I received the creator impulse to record these videos more than a year ago, I KNOW they are going to be even more helpful in this NOW moment.

As we are collectively moving through the release of energetic cycles—aligning with our own inner knowing is the perfect medicine. Removing energetic and physical blocks is a daily moment by moment practice where you choose to move into more of who you truly are.

This mystical journey is all about YOU!

Grace your Wheels is a 13 day guided video journey.

Every day for 13 days, you will receive a short video (7 to 13 minutes) directly to your email inbox.

Each daily video shares practical ways to nurture you—so you can release what isn’t working, with GRACE and ease—and embody more of who you truly are.

Reclaiming those parts of your divine feminine expression that are your creator being’s expression—moving with the flow—as you flower.

GRACE YOUR WHEELS Daily prompts for a 13 Day Mystical Journey into YOU


In addition to the practical information, meditations and tips I share in the daily videos delivered directly to your inbox— much of the creation of this body of work was overseen by Mother Ocean. During the 13 days I also share her direct transmissions, which come from a deep, rich, nurturing divine feminine frequency.


YOUR Daily Transmissions

DAYS 1 to 5Laying Strong Foundations

DAYS 6 to 11Aligning with more of Your Creative Power

DAYS 12 + 13 Amplify

BONUS an extra day of suggested self ceremony and integration. All the videos are yours to watch in your own timing and can be downloaded to keep.

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