Offerings for YOUR inner-evolution, expanding your vibration of love and sovereignty

As a Neo-Ceremonialist and Priestess, I help you connect to tools to help you deepen your connection to your own spirit, embody more of your energetic masterpiece, your Body Temple, and be in greater alignment with who you are really meant to be as a Divine Feminine voice of love for this world.

Together, we’ll Create Your New Worlds Back into Existence—because this journey is about remembering the fullness of who you are and the truth of your sovereign light.

I act as way shower and guide for you to clear what does not serve you, so you can stand in your mastery and sovereignty to bring the fullness of your gifts and talents to our beloved Gaia.

This is the moment for integration of polarity and duality. Our  sacred feminine and sacred masculine aspects have become adept at functioning in the dysfunction of the current model, and its time to release that paradigm and step into the New Earth. As our Divine Feminine voices rise across the planet we call to the sacred masculine, to bring both into their true expression.

Are you ready to call back in your sacred gifts—with the Grace and the Power of an embodied warrior goddess who brings a new way of loving to this world?

Through our work together you will learn to deepen daily spiritual hygiene, daily practices to support you to stay in your own embodied presence long after a single retreat or meditation is over. You will learn  powerful ancient practices, together with new ones to activate more of your Divine DNA, your Original Divine Blueprint of pure Source connected Light.

Working with sacred ritual and ceremony, you will expand into and remember the power of your authentic Sovereign Voice. You connect into your own Lineage of Light, stepping more fully into the path that is unique to your soul’s individualized expression of Oneness.

I know this work has been instrumental in my own healing, and I also know the real work we are being called to do on this Earth is deeply needed in this moment.

There are several ways I can support you on this kind of joyful journey of remembering. I would love to support you by sharing the wisdom of those who came before us, and co-creating the wisdom that is already rising up from our Ancient Future Selves.

Private Sessions and Neo-Ceremonialist offerings combine any or all of the following  . . .

. . . shamanic journeying, sacred practices, CEREMONY as Art, sacred art making or creative exercises, light language activation—DNA clearing and overwriting—a bespoke fusion for each beautiful being I work with.



WORK WITH me in co-creative JOY with me as your personal way shower

If adding personal healing practice to your life resonates, or you want to know more—BOOK a FREE 15 minute get-to-know-you session.

CLICK the link above.

It’s my honour and my joy to work with you and to hold the space for the masterpiece that is you to thrive—using all the modalities I have learned, and the NEW that is always streaming into being in this now moment.

There are common threads to our experience as humans, and Neo-Ceremony connects them with joy, but no two ceremonies are alike. They unfold and blossom, dissolve and blossom again with the true alchemy you co-create. Neo-Ceremony is an invitation to deepen your relationship of remembering who you truly are—creating ceremonies that last a lifetime—as you pull the threads together to create your unique tapestry of LIGHT.













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