Shamanic Journeying for Personal Healing One on One Sessions

Join Creative Shamanic Practitioner Christine Pensa for bespoke one-on-one sessions which replicate the learnings from her Beginner Workshop


An Introduction to Shamanic Journeying for Personal Healing


An invitation to explore more of you . . .

This is your invitation to explore the ancient practice of Shamanic Journeying* in a safe, creative space with shamanic practitioner Christine Pensa as your guide. Christine is an experienced guide, who has trained in shamanic practice for 11 years. Initially being drawn to shamanic practice through the teachings of Sandra Ingerman, Christine continued her education and initiation with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, as well as with Peruvian shamanic practice. Christine has studied extensively with, and is also an initiate in the Path of Pollen lineage based in the U.K. a shamanic tradition that works with the Bee and the feminine principle. Christine brings over 20 years experience as a practicing artist and creative way shower to her sessions.


*The distinction between a Shaman and shamanic practice or practitioner . . .
Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual traditions in the world. A Shamanic Practitioner is one who practices shamanic techniques and shares shamanism with others. It is known as a practice of “direct revelation.” Once you learn the practices, it is of your choosing whether you decide to continue and make sacred the practice in your own life. To clarify—with respect-full learning and reverence, you can become a shamanic practitioner, this does not make you a shaman.

What you experience in 3 private one-on-one sessions . . .

We’ll have a short online meeting in advance of beginning to get a sense of your personal level of experience. Based on your needs, you will be introduced and guided through basic shamanic journeying for yourself. You will be guided and experience shamanic methods of moving from ordinary reality, to non-ordinary reality using the feminine principle and proven universal shamanic techniques. Over the course of 3 privazte sessions, you will develop the skills and confidence to access the information you need to be your own best healer. By honing your skills as a shamanic journeyer, you will therefore be able to access more of who and what you came to express in this world.

How shamanic practice can help you . . .

Learning and developing your own shamanic practice promotes individual health and global health, because if approached with creativity and joy, we can all be transformative forces in this world. When you learn the simple techniques in this safe space, you shift your vibration and expand into more of your own discernment of your beautiful spiritual heart. This is an EMBODIED practice, and a path of direct revelation. I consider it a path of deep knowing, and an essential POWER TOOL in my own daily spiritual hygiene practice. Let me help you respond to the call of the deeper divine feminine expression the universe wants to express through, and as YOU by adding these practices to your own daily spiritual hygiene.

I am honoured to share this beautiful practice, one which does not require special equipment or skills—simply a willingness to deepen your trust in yourself, and develop your own deep knowing that you are a space of love—an ambassador of love for this planet.

Why Creative Shaman? . . .

Because we will co-create to match your learning style, and co-create a sustainable ongoing practice to take you to the next part of your personal journey.

Step by step joyful, creative learning (in person or online) . . .

We can do this work together online via video conference or in person if you are in the Toronto area. I will walk you through the practice step by step, and provide all the guidance you need to create your own sustainable practice. I do this by weaving together all the teachings and experiences I have developed for my own robust practice, along with proven modalities I use in my one-on-one work with clients.

Our first session will be @1.5 to 2 hours, the second and third sessions around an hour each. I suggest all 3 sessions be finished within a 6 week period, and we will arrange times and dates to suit both our schedules. You can pay choose to pay in one installment at $250 (cad) or monthly in 3 payments of $88 (cad). Clicking on one of the icons below to choose your preferred payment option.



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