Special Ceremony of Completion Offer


We have the knowing we are here to do important light work, not only in this world, but in the universe.

As we move into the NEW energetic vibration of 2020, I know it’s important for us ALL to INVITE in more of ourselves. As I move into 2020, I have embraced my own avatar of embodying, The Galactic Priestess, as I choose to complete my repetitive patterns and move into more of my divine expression.

What are YOU ready to complete on this portal in order to bring in the Magical Creator Being YOU truly are?

Ceremony is a powerful way to make sacred your moment of reclaiming personal power

In ceremony we hold the space for the Transformational Codes to be sung, danced, ritualized, made sacred in your life, and welcomed into your new reality, and that’s why I’m including this special offer to help you co-create your own CEREMONY OF COMPLETION. What does that look like?

The steps . . .

1. We’ll meet for a 15 minute get to know you session where we’ll determine what will serve you

2. I will create a Ceremony outline and template bringing in the collaboration of our higher selves and we’ll agree to a draft

3. We’ll meet online for the ceremony and we’ll move through the steps together

4. You will continue to work with what arises as you bring the Transformational Codes of the Ceremony of Completion into the next steps that best serve your expansion of light


Register for your Personal CEREMONY OF COMPLETION 

Click HERE for your Special Price $101. (CAD)

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