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NEW EARTH FOUNDATION, Spiritual Tools for the New Master Builders


This has been a year of profound change and we are stepping into the next threshold—something has completed and something else is beginning

Step into that new beginning prepared—with the perfect power tools for YOUR spiritual toolkit—tools that help you expand and amplify the light you are here to embody

Shed in alignment with the great cosmic reset, all that feels dense and outdated as you create YOUR New Earth Foundation from a place of personal power


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This is the NEW work, and the NEW foundation you have incarnated to CREATE

We ARE the New Master Builders—time to step into more of YOU

When I was called to create this course in early 2020 I understood it was a pivotal year on the planet—that a metamorphosis was coming—what I didn’t know was how quickly our world would shift. The divine women who joined me on the first 5 month journey were ready to step into more of themselves and ready to spread their wings of light by reclaiming their strong foundation. (see some participant testimonials from the first session below)

I’m being called to offer it again, in an updated format. Our intention is still to build a solid foundation and we’ll do just that in the final months of 2020. Each month you’ll clear out and ground the 4 cornerstones, the foundation, of your temple so you can meet the new year of 2021 in your mastery, with ease, grace and JOY!



ALIGN with YOUR Truth—because you are Source—simply course correcting

Moving into 2021 in alignment

christine pensa we are source simply course correcting 2020 foundtion course

You have the knowing we are here to do important light work, not only in this world, but in the universe. You are here to create something new and you want to do this from a solid foundation. This new foundation begins with your master builder self creating solid spiritual practices that align with the new energies—and align with—where you want to be, not only next year, but at the end of this decade. You know this is the time for you to step up and step into more of your Mastery self.

Our 4 month journey allows you to truly EMBODY your Light, amplifying the work you have already done, and learning to support yourself moving forward as one of the master builders of the new Earth—with more ease, grace and JOY.









THIS POWERFUL JOURNEY Might be just what your soul is calling in!

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New Earth Foundation, Spiritual Tools for the New Master Builders if you want to step into a tailored daily practice that can add units of higher consciousness to your beautiful Earth walk—allowing you to move through with joy, ease and grace no matter what shows up


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