Remembering the Rites of Passage

Reclaim the ancient ways that have been forgotten and are coming back into this now moment as resurrection, as the new codes of light—the ones to seed the New Earth.

Not only as Priestess, but as Galactic Priestesses of Peace, for peace is borne from the Divine Feminine first recognizing her brilliance and then calling back into herself her healed Sacred Masculine.

You have called this in to express and be remembered through your Divine Temple. The Temple of YOU.

YOU are the Power Point for this to move through
YOU are worthy, time to stop pretending otherwise
NOW is the time to move into this expression to bring it to the world

YOU are, I AM, WE are—the Anointed Ones





I’m Christine Pensa, a Galactic Priestess of Peace and I am the Ceremonialist who acts as guide as you walk this sacred path of remembering—together we enter into your personal Ceremony of Anointing

Anointing can be a loaded topic because we are holding beliefs that there are only a handful of anointed ones, or the chosen. This idea is rooted in outdated beliefs of limitation and lack—as well as  the power over paradigm—which is thankfully being released from the collective with our focused intent.

I know when I started to download this anointing process and information I was triggered as I released the power over programs I was running.

What I’ve learned is that ALL of us have the power to RECLAIM the SOVEREIGNTY that is our birthright and AWAKEN the Codes of Freedom within us—becoming the Anointed One in our own lives. Remembering. We are more. We are Source in embodied presence.


Because this is a powerful personal journey, please reach out to me first to arrange a 15 minute phone call to decide whether this is right for you at this moment. Contact me at christine@artthatmoves.ca letting me know your time zone, and some dates and times that would work for you.

We’ll have a preliminary meeting to see if this is what you have been calling in (link to book on image below).

Once you’ve decided this is your heart’s desire, we’ll have a preliminary online clearing session of 45 to 60 minutes and at that time, you will also receive personal esoteric practices to undertake over the course of two weeks.

The Ceremony of Anointing itself honours the absolute beauty and holiness of you and your Divine Body Temple.

It is different for each beautiful being, and will occur on a mutually agreed upon date approximately two weeks after our first meeting.

Together we call in the perfect mystical and practical physical tools and I will provide detailed video and written instructions for you to prepare for your ceremony. We will meet again online for the ceremony which will be one hour. The cost for personal Ceremonies of Anointing is $250 CAD.


There is only moving forward on this path of Light

NOW is the Time for your Divine Feminine Codes of Light
to be Remembered and Re-ignited

I would be honoured to walk with you for a time

With love, Christine


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