Mastery Mondays

Deepening your realization of Mastery

Mastery Mondays a by invitation only monthly gathering to take us into the final months of the pivotal year of 2020—supported in community and tuned into our highest order guidance

Keeping your frequencies and vibrations high as we travel into 2021

Tuning in together to uphold our frequency and light as the collective field continues to be in chaos.

It is my intention to remain focused on the highest order frequency and light for myself, knowing that my family, my community and the collective is also transmuted by this.

We’ll continue to untangle from distortion, dysfunction, disease, and disunity in ourselves at deeper and deeper levels.

At this pivotal time we have the opportunity to become masters, to step into that more fully. Being in a supportive community I know is incredibly helpful. Having a place and space to touch in, to recharge and to be truly seen and heard exactly where we are without judgement is a powerful tool for personal healing. That’s why I think I was literally woken up with the idea for Mastery Mondays.

Once a month for the final four months of 2020 we’ll meet and tune in with each other as a powerful light collective. The experience will be both a tune in and a tune up. As I continue to work with amplifying my frequencies I’ll share with you those energies and we’ll elevate each other so our “future” selves are clear, strong and in their highest vibration.

The details …

The format will be a short opening tune in to bring everyone into heart coherence, followed by a Witnessing style circle, a short synopsis sharing of to the moment frequencies and an attunement for the group in accordance with what has been called forward, ending with a group meditation to assist and anchor the frequencies for each participant.

The gatherings will be held monthly beginning September 21st from 7 to 8:30 p.m. est. Dates are; Monday, September 21, Monday, October 19, Monday, November 16, and Monday, December 14, 2020.

The opening tune in, the teaching and the closing meditations will be recorded (the individual sharing will not be recorded unless everyone in the gathering is agreed).



The cost will be $44 cad per circle monthly, or $155 paid in full in advance.



This option you may cancel anytime

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