Creating more depth with your Word of the Year


You can deepen the power of your WORD of the year—by creating a visual container for your word.

Do you choose a word of the year?


I was late to the game, and chose my first real word of the year in 2017. It turned out to be much more powerful than I anticipated.

Here’s why I think it was so powerful?


Because I used the Visual Language of my Soul to deepen the experience and bring more sweet nectar to my word!



I created a Personal Intention Mandala using my word and it helped me to uncover a much deeper understanding of the meaning of my word of the year—and led to divine surprises my logical mind could never have predicted.

As we move into 2018, I want to share this process with you!

I am inviting you to join me for a FREE live video event where we will co-create Personal Word of the Year Mandalas so you can deepen your experience with your personal word of the year. You won’t have to reveal the word if you don’t want to. We’ll meet on Zoom video where I will lead us in a short journey meditation—then we’ll walk step-by-step through the creation of an intentional Mandala. That’s the space where you will connect to the Visual Language your word is speaking to you.

Space is limited.
The event will only be available to the first 40 people who sign up.

This FREE video event will be held on
Monday, January 15, 2018
7:00  to 7:45 p.m. ET

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WAIT A MINUTE, I don’t have a word, can I still sign up? YES!

Choosing a word of the year is not a test, it’s not a resolution, it’s not another thing on your to-do list. It’s an invitation to open to your own magic.

Open yourself up to your word. It will just feel right when it comes. It will likely surprise you, scare you a little, and also feel exciting and heart opening. The key is not to overthink it.

Allow it to find you, by taking a walk, meditating, or opening yourself up by writing down a few words, and—letting the word seeking you—come.



Creative tools for transformation, but first, letting go

christine pensa art that moves blog

I shut my eyes in order to see. (Paul Gauguin)

These words resonated with me this week because I know how many women around me are going through changes. These are not small shifts, these are big death of the old to make way for re-birth changes.

The C word

It’s a tough one for us humans—change. We tend to love and embrace the idea of transformation—see how automatically transformation feels better in your body. We want to get to the part where we’re spreading our wings, where we’re the beautiful butterfly floating effortlessly on the wind.

I know, like me, you can probably think up plenty of excuses to avoid the changes—the letting go—necessary before transformation can happen.

What to do?

Activate your own powerful tools of transformation

These tools are always available. As Gauguin advises—shut your eyes in order to see! Go to your interior heart space. Build the muscle which takes you to the quiet interior of your own heart.

I shared a downloadable meditation on letting go with ease, and the importance of using a journal and the visual language of your soul with my newsletter subscribers this week.

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Activating the images, words or colours that come to you in meditation or dreams by physically marking them in your journal is a powerful tool of transformation.

Using a journal allows you to visually track your progress, creates a record of what worked and what did not in the past.


And now for some of my OWN letting go . . .

My whole business shifted this year when I shifted from being a producer of goods—nearly 75% of my time last year—to offering online classes and starting the podcast, Awakened Woman Self Care, with my soul sister Emma Kupu Mitchell.

I’m watching dear friends and former maker colleagues news feeds alive with activity as they work the shows I did up until recently. I admit—even though I’m absolutely doing what I love most—a part of me is a little sad I’m not there with them. So—more releasing necessary!


etsy coupon


I’ve given away lots of old stock from the back of my storage cupboard, but I still have some beautiful things up in my Etsy shop that I need to LET GO of.

I’m offering newsletter subscribers 50% off on everything in my Etsy shop.

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Entering Winter’s Womb

Announcing a very special Online Solstice Retreat

sponsored by the Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

                                         Awakened Woman Self Care podcast co-hosts Emma Kupu Mitchell & Christine Pensa


My podcast co-host, Emma Kupu Mitchell and I have been busy taping episodes for our podcast, Awakened Woman Self Care, well into the new year. We have met so many wise women and have been spiritually fed by their sharing. We wanted more for us, and for our listeners!

That’s why we created our upcoming online video retreat—Entering Winter’s Womb, Exquisite self care rituals to nourish you.


Ancient wise women honoured winter as the season of traveling inward—as a time of rest and renewal.

In today’s modern world, there is tremendous pressure for us to ignore the wise woman inside. 

Winter has become notoriously busy, loud, and demanding. It’s common for women like us/you to put their self-care on hold until the new year when we feel pressured—yet again—to make changes based on external pressure instead of our own Divine Feminine wisdom. 

Now is the time for all of us to reclaim the sacred time we need to recover our power. 

Entering Winter’s Womb is an invitation to slow down and honour our spirit’s true desires at this sacred time of year. 

Join us at our online winter retreat designed to turn this season back into the powerful transformative time the ancient wise woman in you knows it to be. 

When you sign up for this FREE online event, you join us in this liminal space created just for you. 

Liminal spaces are powerful entry points…

The breath between waking and sleep
The edge of the shore as it meets the ocean
The moment the mountain levels into the valley
Or—at the entrance of a cave . . . and this is where our story begins.

Together we will journey into the Winter’s Womb cave by shifting our consciousness to the place of new beginnings. 


We will provide 3 days of video sessions featuring 13 Wise Women—inspiring, modern day mystics from all walks of life. 

Together we will…

Shift our physical bodies from doing to being
Move through the liminal space into the vast territory of our own interior BEING
Create the space to allow great healing
Cultivate our light and learn to embody our light before sharing with our beloved world
To do this we shift our consciousness to embody our BIG dreams


Learn the 3 practices of reclaiming our power— by remembering, releasing, and re-igniting 

You were drawn here for a reason.

GET YOUR FREE ACCESS to enter this sacred gateway. Emma and I look forward to meeting you in winter’s womb.





Boosting your FALL Creativity

If you are looking to boost your creativity this fall, I have two great


#1. Looking for a quick boost to your creative practice?


NEW Fall date for live Mandala class in Toronto
OCTOBER 21, 2017 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
at Noble Crafthouse, 46 Noble Street, #102, Toronto

My Exploring the Mandala classes both live and online are an invitation to work with the Mandala as a way of connecting to your creative spirit.



In the workshop you will be introduced to the idea of personal Mandala making. We will work to create 5 basic Mandalas using different mediums — paint, inks, markers and pastels — in different styles and with different intentions.


A beautiful and fulfilling opportunity to express your creativity with this ancient craft.

Before we even begin creating—you will learn about approaching Mandala making as an intentional and sacred practice with guided meditations and creative visualizations—because cultivating a personal Mandala practice has real, lasting impact in your life. I know it has in mine!





#2. Looking for a way to develop and strengthen your creative practice?


Join my 6 week session of

Exploring the Visual Language of YOUR Soul – Turning your creative nectar into honey – through creative visualization, intentional painting, art and mark making.

Each week I will lead participants through a series of intentional art exercises—some guided—some not. The class will use the exercises as a springboard to open up their visual language and begin to hear their creative song. Each week I will bring ALL the supplies necessary for you to explore new mediums, and new approaches to mark making.

At the end of the 6 weeks, participants will have completed two paintings, started an art journal practice, and explored other mediums like watercolour, inks, pastels, and others.

In this class, no one’s art will look the same—and that’s a great thing! Because everyone will be exploring their own voice, everyone’s painting and creating will look like theirs alone and not like the instructor’s work.


6 Thursdays from
9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
starting SEPTEMBER 28TH
Lucsculpture School & Studio, 663 Greenwood Ave.
(at Danforth)Toronto








The energy of the Sun within you

As the Sufi mystical poet Rumi wonders—why don’t you open to the energy of this Sun within you 

(and to the beautiful synchronicity around you)


It’s no coincidence* as my mentor/collaborator/best-selling author/friend Janet Conner and I have been working this year’s new content for our course—Express Your Soul’s Beauty—that I keep hearing the beautiful song written by Kathleen, one of last year’s participants. That song’s beauty continues to reach out sending a vibration of love for it’s creator—and for anyone else who hears with an open heart. (*coincidence is a meek word we use when we’re too afraid to say it like it is – divine synchronicity)



The song and everything else that opened for participants in last year’s course confirms what I know to be true—Your creativity has the joy-filled force of the whole universe behind it! All you need do is get out of your own way, and—open, open, open. That’s what the full expression of you means.


Janet and I continue to open, with joy-filled heARTs to our own fuller expression. We change. The course changes, grows and blossoms along with us. We know how important it is right now to open and respond to the energy of creation. This is a time of intense shifts and change for everyone. Those changes can be life-affirming if we learn work in partnership with our authentic self, and in partnership with the universe’s natural creative cycles.


If we are co-creators with the full force of the universe as our fuel. All we need to do is develop a personal creative practice to cultivate and fine tune the tools we have as our birthright. These tools will help us to access our creative power with ease. That’s what Express Your Soul’s Beauty does!


Each week Janet and I share what’s in our toolbox and in the toolbox of the voices of love around us. We co-create in our Express Your Soul’s Beauty sacred circle, and each one of us leaves our gatherings with new inspiration and new tools to consider adding to our lives. Opening to the fuller expression of you helps you to open to the bigger “song” you are here on the planet at this important time to sing!


It’s also no coincidence that this morning my husband emailed a poem I had shared with him many months ago. Its written by the Sufi mystical poet, Rumi—and, guess what, it’s really a poem about—Opening to the full expression of you! It’s about using it, burning it – to fuel the creative fire that is your joy-filled life.


You sit here for days saying,
This is strange business.
You’re the strange business, You
have the energy of the sun in you,
but you keep knotting it up
at the base of your spine.

You’re some weird kind of gold
that wants to stay melted
in the furnace, so you won’t have to
become coins.

Say ONE in your lonesome house.
Loving all the rest is hiding
inside a lie.

on so many kinds of wine.
Taste this, It won’t
make you wild.
It’s fire. Give up,
if you don’t understand
by this time
that your living is firewood.

This wave of talking builds.
Better we should not speak,
but let it grow within.




This is the kind of joyful synchronicity that your life is full of once you open. Janet and I know the perfect people will be drawn to our course, you might be one of them if this idea sounds full of joy to you!

The soulful, best-selling author, Janet Conner and I are fine-tuning the content in our online course, Express Your Soul’s Beauty, Opening to the full expression of you.

The course registration is open NOW

Our 10 week journey into the creative heart begins on Wednesday, August 9th and continues until October 4th.

Because Janet and I know there is no creativity course like Express Your Soul’s Beauty, we created a mini-class so you can see what our gatherings will be like and whether this is the sacred circle that is calling your name.

You can follow the link on my Resources page to sign up to receive your video recording free.



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