Based on the teachings of Whitney Ferre, Carla Sonheim and the explorations of instructor Christine Pensa and the members of the class

At our foundation as human beings we are creative that’s what makes us different from other living breathing species. Human beings have always created ART.

If you do not create art now it is likely because society has told you since you were little you either have creative talent or you don’t. This is based on the incorrect assumption that only people with great “technical” art skills are allowed to be creative.

That’s a crazy notion right?! Everyone has the right and the responsibility to “sing their beautiful note” as I like to say. We can be creative in so many beautiful ways. Art and right brain exercises simply allow us to access our creativity more easily.

In this course we explore and develop the best way you can sing your own note using weekly creative exercises that develop your right brain and are just plain fun! How great would it be to be in touch with your own beautiful note everyday? To CREATE the life you want by getting in touch with your inner artist.

What’s the aim of this course? It’s about help you step into your FULL creative potential. Creativity is
elemental to our spiritual expression.

We will use painting as the main modality because this is the scariest creative place for people – the blank canvas – participants are guided through the block and learn to free their own creative muscle.

Our creative explorations will help you flex and empower your creative brain – then – your mind goes back to all those other things we told ourselves we couldn’t do and it starts re-evaluating – hmmmm wait a minute – there is a better way and I can do that! You become the ARTIST of your life.

Because we use that same creative mental muscle anytime we have to CREATE CHANGE or learn something new in any part of our lives – we are better able to do that once we have conquered the fear of the blank canvas.

Instructor: Christine Pensa is a certified Creatively Fit Coach*
Spring session: 5 weeks on Wednesdays 10 am to 12 noon
April 2 to April 30, 2014
Cost: $150.00 (+ supplies fee $30.00)

Winter session: January 22 to Feb 19

Spring session: April 2 to April 30

Location: Lucsculpture Studio 663 Greenwood Avenue (
Register: or email

(Can’t commit to a 5 week session? Come for a weekend workshop – more info under Creatively Fit Workshops on this site.)



*More info on Creatively Fit Coaching at


Saturday, April 5, 2014 – 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Sunday, September 21, 2014 – 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Maximum participants 6
Fee $100 + $12 supplies
Have you ever wanted to silkscreen your own designer t-shirts or fabrics? Here’s your chance to learn a way to do this at home!
Screen printing is one of the most versatile and easy printing methods – once you know how.
There are two different methods to silkscreen. This workshop will teach you how to silkscreen using your own stencils in one afternoon.
Learning to silkscreen using the stencil method means you will have the freedom to print at home anytime you like. You can create your own new patterns over and over.
(Please note the photo emulsion technique will not be a part of this workshop.)
for more information and to register click here or contact me cpensa(at)


6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Wise Daughters Craft Market
3079B Dundas Street West, Toronto
Cost: $60 (includes materials)

This beginner-friendly 3 hour workshop covers the basic principles of lino-block printing. You will create a design, carve the design into a soft linoleum lock and then print the image onto paper. Other relief printing methods will be discussed and demonstrated time allowing. Christine believes block printing is a contagiously joyful way to create.

This workshop will have a particular emphasis on creative ideas for gift tags, wrapping paper and bags for Christmas.

MATERIALS: We provide the necessary tools including; carving tools, ink rollers (brayers), plates, ink, some gift tags, bags, paper to print on, and two small linoleum blocks. We will also have resource books available for your use during the workshop and a manual detailing the workshop process.

If you have a special image you would like to use – please bring it to the workshop. You are welcome to bring any additional specialty papers you would like to print on.

Please note: Your printed materials may need to be left overnight to dry.
Contac to register at 416-761-1555.

Workshop Testimonials

Christine…took us through the method, and did an amazing job of making sure we understood every step.

After the workshop was finished, I felt like I could go for another 3 hours, which is definitely a sign of a great workshop and a great instructor. (Srinthi)

I don’t consider myself to be the most creative of people.

However, due to Christine’s talent and amazing ability to inspire workshop participants, I soon overcame that. With her guidance, I created some beautiful pieces that I treasure in my home. I would highly recommend the workshop – it was a real transformative experience for me!

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