Exploring the JOURNAL, your portal to creative magic

Are you ready to use simple journaling practices to ALIGN with your own deeper wisdom?

Are you ready to TAP into the healing power the Visual Language of Your Soul wants to share with you on the page?

Exploring the Journal is an invitation to YOU to open to, and explore, the pages of your journal as your very own medicine bag, or Shaman’s bag.


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Boosting YOUR Self Care is about accessing, exploring and gathering your own wisdom.

Your journal is the perfect place of remembering—divining that—you are your own medicine.


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More about the course and why I created it . . .

EXPLORING THE JOURNAL is a brand NEW online course based on popular live workshops I have taught. It’s also infused with all the learning I have done around self care as the co-host of the Awakened Woman Self Care podcast.

Exploring the Journal is an invitation to YOU to open to, and explore, the pages of your journal as your very own medicine bag, or Shaman’s bag.

Your journal as a tool, a portal, to exploring and playing—with the visual language of your soul—and with your deeper wisdom.

This kind of journal is not something you post on Pinterest. This is a place where your authentic voice can sing. It’s your voice that lives on these pages. It’s a place where you explore the light, the shadow, and all the places in between—holding them with self compassion. KNOWING you have both the questions and the answers inside you.

 In this SELF-paced, SELF-study online course, you’ll join me, artist Christine Pensa, to explore the journal following the simple step by step instructions in the 15 course videos. You’ll also receive a Journal course pdf booklet—and—a 21 Day Accountability Template.



How long will I have access to the videos?

Once you buy the online course Exploring the Journal, you will have unlimited access for your personal use as long as you want.

How do I access the course contents?

Once you have paid for the course and I receive confirmation, you will be send a detailed email containing all the video links and passwords. You will also receive a link to download the course booklet.

What is included in the course?

The course contents are all housed online. There are 15 instructional videos and a downloadable course booklet. See the information above for more detailed information about the contents.

What does Self-study, Self-paced mean and what are the benefits?

Since the course is already filmed, it’s ready for you to access online immediately. If you want to do it all in a weekend, you can! If you want to go slowly—you can do that too. That’s the beauty of setting your own pace, you will be able to work through the course contents in a way that benefits your needs.

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Your journal can be your portal to creative MAGIC. Your portal to exploring and playing with the Visual Language of Your Soul. I know it’s brought me and my students great joy to Explore using the Journal. I know it will bring you the same delight.

The images you bring to life are the ones made with your own hands. The marks you make are as raw or as refined as you like—but they are always yours alone. There is no cutting and pasting here. There is no need to post on Pinterest.

What you are creating here is for you alone. It is your opportunity to allow yourself to express the creative part of yourself that is your divine birthright. You release all the voices in your head that say you cannot express unless you’re a “good” artist. You are an artist, good, bad, and all the places in between—because you are a divine light expressing and creating a life in a human body. I invite you to celebrate that.

I am inviting you to begin this Self Care journey by making sacred your journal and your journaling space.

Our authentic voices come alive on the pages of the journal.

Christine Pensa

Art That Moves



In the journal . .

Who cares what it looks like? How does it feed your soul?