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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Navigating sacred self care as the wayfinders in these times ~ with Host Christine Pensa ~

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Episode 110 We Are Awakening Women, Choosing to tune into the sacred space of YOU

This is a special spontaneous episode recorded when co-hosts Christine Pensa and Emma Kupu Mitchell had a friend catch up. Though the podcast is still officially on hiatus, we came together to talk about the gateway of the Equinox and the challenges we are all facing as we move through these times.


Episode 109 Our Victory Story of LOVE, Telling the Stories of Your Ancient Future Self

In this special #loveisalsoviral mini-episode podcast co-host Christine Pensa welcomes YOU as the guest
It’s an invitation to our listeners to dream and imagine what they are going to create as we step forward into our New Earth—Our Victory Story of LOVE. What can we create together? What can we bring into cre-action?


Episode 108 Returning to a Conscious Awareness of Your Sovereignty with LOVE—guest Ixchelle of Starseed Dreaming

In this special #loveisalsoviral mini-episode podcast co-host Christine Pensa welcomes Ixchelle the divine presence behind Starseed Dreaming.

In this mini-episode Ixchelle shared some beautiful awareness and invitations around remembering, reclaiming and returning to our divine sovereignty. Among many light encoded gems in this episode, she shared this—“Our origin story is a story of divine sovereignty, and, There are no gatekeepers to grant you access to your own sovereignty your own divinity.”


Episode 107 Our Global Initiation, an Invitation to Choose LOVE with Rebecca Keating

In this special #loveisalsoviral mini-episode podcast guest Shaman Sister Rebecca Keating.
Rebecca is the founder and owner of Shaman Sisters® an online and brick and mortar store.

In this mini-episode Rebecca shared her perspective of this time as a “Global Shamanic Initiation” and how we can move through it by choosing to allow the death of old ways of being that don’t serve us as individuals and as a collective.


Episode 106 LOVE is not a Performance, it is Something You Live with Aelah Skye

In this special #loveisalsoviral mini-episode podcast co-host Christine Pensa welcomes Aelah Skye.

In this mini-episode Aelah shared some beautiful insights on the nature of love and how we have tried to contain it. She has discovered that Love is not a performance, but something you live into each moment—something that takes true courage, faith and trust. She talked about how saying yes to leading the NEW EARTH Activation has been an act of faith for her and a call to allow love to build what it needs to build. She calls this a truly heart-centered way to create and build community.


Episode 105 Staying connected to LOVE and being KIND to ourselves with Sharon Josef

In this special #loveisalsoviral mini-episode podcast co-host Christine Pensa welcomes another divine guest, clairvoyant, medical intuitive Sharon Josef.

In this mini-episode Sharon shared a beautiful messages around the importance of being connected to our own power to love ourselves and the importance of being KIND to ourselves. Sharon also talked about the exciting possibilities that are opening up as we tune inward to create ourselves anew.

She shares some ideas for aligning with what we truly want to birth into our world as we work together to redirect the entire universe. May Sharon’s gentle energy and loving words act as a balm for your soul.


Episode 104 Creating our new human immune system of LOVE and Compassion

In this special #loveisalsoviral mini-episode podcast co-host Christine Pensa welcomes divine guest Acurda Melchizedek.

The powerful message that Acurda shared was—in part—that this time is an opportunity for us to choose resurrection for humanity. She says we are lined up perfectly for this—the season, the planet, the virus all supporting us to re-create an immune system built on a new foundation of LOVE and compassion. The opportunity for us to step into the reverence of self as the New Human creating the New Earth.


Episode 103 Pollinating the New Earth, Stepping in with both feet

In the 2nd special #loveisalsoviral episode podcast co-host Christine Pensa welcomed wise women Aysen Farag and Kat Gibson to share their insights for this time

Guests Aysen and Kat had some beautiful insights. Kat shared how her writing practice had opened her up to rest in the heart, and the power of stepping into her truth with both feet. Aysen shared her observation that as the comfort of our experiences are dismantling, we are being called to access our innermost wisdom, our knowing that humanity is connected to ALL living things.

We’ll continue to share short episodes to provide insight and inspiration for YOUR sacred self care during these times. Trusting that these will help you navigate the changes with more ease, and love for all beings on this planet. We join you in sending love and blessings to everyone challenged by this virus.

Aysen’s website

Kat’s website

Episode 102 LOVE is also viral—the call to be the pollinators of the new Earth


Episode 101 Moving into the potency of 2020 with Star Sister Marcia Wade



Episode 100 Honouring the inward turn of the season with Emma and Christine


Episode 099 Our 2 year Anniversary. Aligning podcast sacred service with JOY


Episode 084 Jonita D’Souza,  Exploring femininity as medicine for the modern woman.


Episode 083 A Beltane Celebration with co-hosts Emma Kupu Mitchell and Christine Pensa


Episode 082 Kat Gibson, Creating Earth magic in the city with Lady Gaia


Episode 081 Jenna Faye, Business as a Key to Collective Healing



Episode 080 Erica Ross, She Reflects, a spiral journey for the feminine soul


Episode 079 Susan Nefzger, Seeing beyond the ordinary, into the mystic



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