The Soul Discovery Coloring Book

What an amazing journey it has been to work during the spring and summer of 2015 to create this book full of creative delights. Along with author Janet Conner, I am thrilled to announce that as of March 1, 2016 the book is available in Canada at or Indigo and in the U.S. at (You can also ask your local bookseller to order the book in for you and if you’re in Toronto you can get one directly from me, or ask me about the local retailers who are carrying it!)




I would be delighted if you want to know more about the seeds that were planted so this project could blossom, please follow this link to my blog post!



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Thank you for helping Janet Conner, and ME, give the OWL her wings by spreading the word about the book.

As an aid to those of you who haven’t coloured in some time, I have created two videos. The first, below, has suggestions about materials to use when colouring. The second, is a longer demonstration video. Follow the link to video HERE. Using one of the images from the book, I walk you through some ideas for colouring with pencil crayons, markers, copic markers, watercolour pencils, and pastels.










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