2nd Session Registration is closed I am considering opening a 3 month session in October, please add your name to get on the list to receive the information when it becomes available—or go ahead and schedule a 15 minute gifted chat with me to find out MORE 1. Get on the list for the next […]


Special Ceremony of Completion Offer

We have the knowing we are here to do important light work, not only in this world, but in the universe. As we move into the NEW energetic vibration of 2020, I know it’s important for us ALL to INVITE in more of ourselves. As I move into 2020, I have embraced my own avatar […]


Offerings for YOUR inner-evolution, expanding your vibration of love and sovereignty


As a Neo-Ceremonialist and Priestess, I help you connect to tools to help you deepen your connection to your own spirit, embody more of your energetic masterpiece, your Body Temple, and be in greater alignment with who you are really meant to be as a Divine Feminine voice of love for this world. Together, we’ll […]