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Planting seeds of light
a simple ceremony event

Those of us who came here for something more than mere existence know we’re on the precipice of something profound. Some days that can feel exhilarating and some days overwhelming, but you know you are being called to step forward into your creator being as never before.
Join me in this recording of a May 20th simple ceremony event to tune into more of your true expression beginning with creative shamanic journeying—followed by beginner step by step mandala making* to open you up to bringing into material form what has been stirring in your pure heart’s longing to bring forward in this now moment.

We are seeded from Source—dig in to open up more of what you are truly here to grow!

*no previous drawing skills necessary, just arrive with beginner’s innocence, 2 sheets of unlined paper, a pen or pencil

You’ll receive a link to the 45 minute ceremony recording, as well as a printable step by step freehand mandala pdf.

$20 (cad)


CLICK HERE to receive the video recording


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