This human journey is about remembering the truth of your sovereign expression—and then creating your new human experience in the material form with JOY, and clarity—releasing what is not your true organic expression of love.

My joy is to act as an impeccable guide assisting you to clear what stands in the way of your mastery, your sovereignty—so you can show up in the fullness of your unique gifts and talents.

All my offerings are simple and of the moment, and all of them begin by honouring where you are now and the organic sacred light within you.


NOW is the time to reweave the threads of your untamed self back into your BEing

Time to inner stand yourself more deeply.
Time to explore again through deeper creativity.
Time to meet more expansively with what your heart always knew.
The moment is now to choose your true self,
to choose the untamed, exquisite purity of you.
Choosing untamed, choosing the truth of you

In a series of 3 one on one sessions, we’ll work together to deepen your daily spiritual hygiene practice to support you to stay in your embodied presence long after a meditation or retreat is over. It is within your choosing to expand into and remember the power of your authentic voice—the song of pure love embodied.

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We’re releasing the ceremonies that bound us to lower frequencies and creating new of the moment ceremony to reflect our unfoldment.

Together, we’ll co-create a bespoke of the moment personal or group ceremony to honour YOU.

We become co-creators. Weaving back the vast truth of you into this moment with JOY and celebration.

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If you want to explore more of my work in your own timing online you can connect to the series of guided audio meditations I offer, or the recorded video and audio ceremonies from this year —CLICK HERE to find out more.

You can visit the Poetry Activators on this site for inspiration HERE.

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As we collectively move into the new consciousness, which has arrived on our planet as a higher frequency, our personal journey is even more important than ever.

To fully embody this divine human being-ness  that we are is a gorgeous solo journey, but we do not have to travel alone.

I am committed to my personal journey and to yours. My offerings will continue to focus on empowering and aiding you to be fully embodied and present to what is—what is the truth of you and what is possible—so you can open to more of  your own magnificence—which is more beautiful than you ever thought, but exactly what you always knew.

With love, Christine

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