NEW Guided video course offering!

art-as-soul-practice with Christine Pensa guided creative shamanic journey

What you get in ART AS SOUL PRACTICE...


Art as Soul Practice is a powerful new offering built around the theme of the 4 Shamanic Questions.

This is an invitation to connect, explore and discover more of your true self.

You do not need previous art experience. You will only need modest art or mark making supplies and a willingness to enter into a deep conversation with yourself.


Presented in a 4 part guided video journey with accompanying PDF files, expect to spend 1 to 1.5 hours in each.

The questions and exercises build on each other. You set your own pace and timing to move through the experience. You explore your vaster self in a manner that is perfect for you.

The videos include introductory breath work, right brain opening art exercises, guided creative visualizations or self activations, additional guided art or mark making exercises, and conclude with suggestions for deeper exploration.


I gently guide you throughout the video process so that you are completely held and safe to open and explore more of your own pure presence.


Because I know the power of  the visual language of the soul to open us up to new heart information.

It’s all about you being safely guided and held as you dive in to meet more of the truth of YOU.

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(Once payment is received you can access the entire course and download the materials to work at your own pace.)