Christine Pensa

Journeying with me is an invitation to make sacred your art of living through daily spiritual hygiene, sacred self care, neo- ceremony. Assisting you to recognize and weave the purity of your original blueprint back into the emerging higher frequencies in your own vibration of JOY—the powerful note you are here to sing.

For me neo-ceremony is tuning into the now moment to open to what is ready and necessary for transformation and activation. My formula is – Love + pure intention = ceremony

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About Christine Pensa

Neo-ceremonialist & wayfinder

I remember a time when I thought just calling myself an artist was a dream too big to consider, once I found the courage to step into that— I was called by a new dream, and another and another—each time my soul opened up, each time is another invitation to step into more of who I really am here to embody, something no label or word can put a name to … an ever unfolding fractal of pure organic Source frequency.

In this now moment I am expressing as a wayfinder through neo-ceremony, visual art, and channeled poetry—weaving together ancient practice and new frequencies. Through ever-evolving offerings of purifying guided meditation journeys, light language, and sacred ceremony as art.

I  continue to release all that is not  the purity of my own organic light so that I may assist others on the same path to embody more of their own true embodiment on this planet. I find joy in helping others like YOU deepen into the truth of your own divine sovereign vibration—aka your pure tone in the Music of the Universe.


I am also the host of the Awakened Woman Self Care podcast where I share sacred self care tips from my own journey of continual learning, letting go and filling with more of who I am here to be. It is a priority for me daily to embody ever more of the pure presence of love. I invite a carefully curated selection of  guests who are pioneers in the field of our emerging expanded consciousness. You can link through this site to listen to all the episodes HERE.

I am also a certified Creatively Fit Coach, a Soul Coach, and the Co-creator/Illustrator of, The Soul Discovery Coloring Book, published by Mango.

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Creator Vision

joy creativity support expansion christine pensa artthatmoves.caI am here to support your journey as you discover and uncover the beauty of YOUR singular note

About 30 years ago during a group meditation I saw and felt very clearly a vision of myself as an artist. I saw all the details of where I was, what I was wearing, how I was moving, and that I was in fact—Art That Moves. At the time I was doing something very different and I had no idea how this would unfold or how I would ever have the nerve to call myself an artist. It wasn’t until many years later when I was actually working as an artist that I realized the true wisdom of the vision. It wasn’t about calling myself an artist, selling art, or where I was doing that—it was about how that vision made me feel and what it aligned me with— my joy, flow, peace. It’s why I’ll never be finished creating new horizons for myself, because I am a creator being consciously expanding into more joy, flow, and freedom. That’s what I am delighted to share with everyone I work with—helping you come into alignment with that unique pure note that is ready to flow through you!

i-choose-untamed art and poetry christine pensa



Feet on the Earth
Connected to my KNOWING
All the places I gave my power away All the places I decided it was easier to do that All the times I agreed to go along with what wasn’t me—because I thought it would be safer
Anyplace I put that wild knowing part of myself away

I Choose Untamed because that part of me—that part of YOU—is still there calling to us
It calls to us through the Earth, the Elementals, the Plant Kingdom, the Sacred Waters

NOW is the time to open our ears to the original divine song that we are

To Choose Untamed as we come back into embodiment of our Creator state of BE-ing

So it is


(art & poetry Christine Pensa)