Art & Poetry Activators

This poetry and art is meant to act as activator to open that place in you that wants to express more of your authentic self. These poems rose organically as I chose to step forward—releasing bit by bit the false stories and burdens I carried—in order to tune into more of my own Source frequency and light. The journey back to more of my true self continues and I can’t think of a more beautiful way to BE in each moment.

Because we are all connected, as each chooses to step into more of their golden light, we all begin to see what is possible for humanity and this our beloved planet. These poems and art are an invitation to release what is not you, and share your frequency of love.

All art and poetry on this page copyright Christine Pensa, please feel free to share with credit to creator.

art and poetry christine pensa art that moves


Pregnant with myself

The ground was not ready before this
I held back

Waited, without understanding, though part of me knew

I would soon be able to plant these seeds on more fertile ground

Not yet in sight
But over the next hill
beyond that horizon line just come into view

My feet take me there

Instincts sharpening, I drop the packs I carry

They fall with a thud
And I don’t look back because I know I will not need these again

Every cell in my body activated, lightening, igniting 

I am propelled forward to the birthing ground

Where we became one


I Choose Untamed

Feet on the Earth

Connected to my knowing

I now choose untamed,

I reclaim

All the places I gave my power away,

I free myself from

All the places I decided it was easier to give a small piece of my sovereignty away rather than stand in my truth, 

I burn away

All the times I agreed to go along with what wasn’t me—because I thought I would be safer—because I didn’t want to make waves,

I cleanse

Anyplace, and everyplace I put that wild knowing part of myself away


I Choose Untamed because that part of me—that part of YOU—is who I Am and I hear her melody

She sings to us through the Earth, the Elements, the Plant Kingdom, and in the Sacred Waters of our blood

NOW is the time to open our ears to the original divine song that we are,

Because to say no is also to say yes to ourselves,

and our true untamed song of light in this world

To Choose Untamed is to come home, back into embodiment of our Creator state of BE-ing,

Pure Love

So it is,

and so we stand untamed 


poetry activations christine pensa art that moves

Divine Feminine Creatrix Story

Mysteries and joys and stories you have yet to dance are here within you

Your Body Temple’s knowing is vaster than any ocean, and yet dear sister, you have chosen to dip just your tiny perfect toe in those flowing waters

Know, entering the cave of your own deep wisdom is your mastery to choose

That birthright, which you have been told is outside of you, is simply yours to claim

Everything is within you

Beloved sister
Open to the fullness of you

Open to the vast ocean that is you

Choose, not to limit yourself by what you have been told by others,

by the distorted mirrors, the projected images that were never you,

by false stories of what is ready to drop from this reality

Choose your untamed nature, choose your unlimited self

Choose, dear sister, choose to embody your joy,
your grace, your ease, your wisdom, your beauty, the magic of your power to imagine

The soup that holds all the knowing of this beautiful world is yours to drink, you have only to serve yourself a bowl from the Temple inside your Heart

A blanket of light woven from all the stars in all the galaxies is yours also, you have only to choose to weave the Cosmic Mother’s whispers into your dreamtime story

And, dear sister, the portals of your strong feet, your lower mouth are yours to be in union and communion with your Divine Mother, the Earth as you both choose to vibrate with greater and greater pure love

Choose, dear sister, to … be the embodiment of your own Temple

Choose to;
Dance into the light of you
Dive into the ocean of you
Sing the stories of you
Be in LOVE with YOU

So be it,



Show me more of this beauty beyond the beauty

I am loves pure presence

On this Earth

Embodied in this being
as truth

Sometimes I have been unable to hear the full symphony of truth singing through my cells

But she has always been there, even as a tiny whisper

She is fed by the light

Her song rising up as a gentle wave through the sacred space of my body

A symphony being played
creating pure harmonies as my being dances in delight

Arms flung wide
Crying out

Show me more of this beauty beyond the beauty I think I know


show me the beauty art and poetry by christine Pensa

Free your soul to

sing the songs of love
you were meant to sing

in harmony with all that you are

light notes flowing without effort from your golden throat

mingling with the sparkling
light floating down

from the Sun

a trillion pinpoints of light connecting us
to the truth of who we are

always and forever there

for your eyes to see

hiding in plain sight

as you laugh at how you ever doubted it was so



and this LOVE I AM is vaster than any ocean I have known

is freedom from fear

A releasing from illusory binding

I AM that kind of LOVE

As are YOU


art and poetry by christine pensa home

The Gift

I gave myself permission

To open the box suddenly visible, which contained more of me

It had been sitting so beautifully wrapped

In storage until I found the courage to see

Simply by loosening the strings that held tight the Infinity inside

In a moment I allowed myself to remember the truth that

The sweet bliss in the gift is not something to be bound, to be withheld from me—or you

I gave myself permission to cut the pretty ribbons that held in check the Truth of who I Am

I gave myself permission to reveal the blazing inferno of creator Love that I Am

And set it Free to light up this world

Love’s pure presence

It is so



I am a starry night laid for a moment by the wild river

Fusing time, memory

Melting our awareness to experience

The solid fluidity of your shimmering waters, and how I am able to hold all of the stars with such a light touch

Releasing our separation as we remember each other’s hearts

To feel once again the sweet bliss of our expression as one

You as me, me as you

Then I gently lift off again to travel once more

So that our next meeting contains even deeper delights

Each meeting to know ourselves more deeply as Loves pure presence



beloved poetry and art by christine pensa
cut both ways art and poetry christine pensa

Cut both ways

All this time 
I never realized
The knife I had turned on myself 
cut from both ends
And drew blood from you
So used to my own pain
it was only when I saw yours 
that I was able to lay down this weapon
Your truth spoken is all it took to 
set us free


You contain multitudes

Oh beloved

Isn’t it about time you busted some of that out

And let it glide through the streets

Activating the city with new light


you contain multitudes poetry and art by christine pensa
new song poetry and art by christine pensa

New Song

Beloveds, now is the moment

The songs of sorrow and division are done

Warrior marches shouting down “the other” no longer need to weave through our streets

We do not choose that deceit

Because we have chosen a new song

Now is the moment

We step forward

As a new song rises from each beloveds pure heart

And though each expression carries a different melody—each wraps around “the others” without dissonance

The new tapestry of song alive with joy, surprises, new light

Now is the moment

For each note rising from each throat to be sung from a pure heart knowing

We have chosen to stand in harmony with this beautiful planet and every free organic being embodied here

Let that music play


The Highest Branch

Choose to expand into your deeper inner-standing

Perch on the highest branch within yourself

Trust the clarity arises from knowing your truth

Your perspective ever expanding to see what is one


What if we all walked off the field

We have made opinion a battleground

What if …

you didn’t need to self righteously defend everything in your arsenal of opinions

Instead what if …

different perspectives were in fact just let be

What if …

instead of enflaming others—our perspective guided all of us to IN-flame the light in our hearts

What if …

you could allow others to sing their own song while you could feel safe singing your own—because your true song—the TRUE organic song of humanity is always in harmony with Love’s pure presence



We are the Light of this Earth
Standing in the Crystal Waters

Gathered in LOVE
Gathered in Peace
Gathered in Joy

We are
Gathered in Freedom

We are the Light of this Earth
Standing in the Crystal Waters

Gathered in LOVE
Gathered in Peace
Gathered in Joy

We are
Gathered in Freedom

We are the Light of this Earth
Standing in the Crystal Waters


art and poetry christine pensa
art and poetry activators by Christine Pensa

The Fog is Lifting

So many faces in the stone
Two come forward on a foggy morning
To witness this moment

With gentle, rock solid presence,
We understand your confusion,
And you are also not confused

Your awareness lifts just as the Sun clears the fog

You see the Truth that always was
And the story that is not you

Every moment there is a gift standing solid and still
Emerging out of the confusion to meet you exactly where you are

Holding a mirror to your light so that you will finally see
How your fractal reflects all that ever is
Back to the ever expanding all that is

Gift giver receiver one joyful union of creator expression
Celebrated in song across the universe

The fog is blown away by one of your sovereign breaths beloved


In the Silence

There is a stillness here

Where the silence sings a velvety song

A heart opening note

Coating a throat with softness

Without effort or thought a mouth gently opens

Allowing angelic sounds to float up and into the air

Filling the nothing, the stillness, with new light



Hear her sweet whispers – always truth – rising from the heart of you

And move into your day, your week, your life,

connected to your own internal compass

Navigate the external world with this, your most powerful tool, and

Watch as the knowing of your freedom unfolds



I Am a tsunami of golden white light

Rising through the waters of my consciousness about to

Hit this parched land

Saturating it with a power that does not devastate

The kind of power that instead—cleanses and lightens

This dry land receiving the crystal clarity of the healing waters

Satisfying my thirst for freedom from what I once thought was me

It is done—and then

I turn to the horizon

Sacred laughter the note rising from my throat

As I open my arms wide to receive the next waves and the next and the ones after with joy


Christine Pensa art and poetry activators
poetry christine pensa

I Am Both

I am choosing to come ALIVE
to more of myself every moment


I am inhabiting all the spaces of me

All the above 

All the below

Removing tattoos under my skin that kept me small
To reveal the truth of my organic instructions

My blueprint alone filling this human’s embodiment
Cords that kept my arms pinned to my sides—snipped
Freed now to float softly outward in all the directions

I choose

A dance of ecstasy
Engaging the flowing tsunami
That song of flight my cells are here to sing
I stand firm on the Earth 
And I soar into the Cosmos
In my aliveness
I am both