Larger ceremonies



Ceremonies for Groups

Two to eight person ceremonies, or larger ceremonies

A NEW kind of Ceremony as Art.

This is the kind of ceremony where YOU are the co-creator, and your own shaman. I’m passionate about helping women reclaim the power and ancient remembering through ceremony.

Ceremony as Art is at it’s heart a co-creative process. Think of it as a living organism where you incubate and birth what you need for healing within yourself, your family and your larger community. Or, as one of my guides said—think of me as your party planner for your spiritual self. You can throw a party for yourself, yes. Having the support of someone like me who can pull the threads to create a bespoke tapestry for your sacred self—brings in more joy and the magic of co-created connection.

Together, we will create personal ceremony for you to honour milestones or portals in your life journey.

Original Ceremonies with 2 to 8 persons $250.00 CAD

This includes the planning session of one hour and usually involves a longer ceremony of 1.5 to 2 hours. Together we’ll work to create an exquisite ceremony in celebration of you. The ceremony can be live or online.

Original Ceremonies with 8 or more persons $500.00 CAD

This also includes a planning session of one hour where we’ll work together  to create an exquisite ceremony in celebration of you. These ceremonies are usually done live, but in the current circumstances we can discuss how to make these equally as beautiful online. Travel is not covered in the fee.



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There are common threads to our experience as humans, and Ceremony as Art connects them with joy, but no two ceremonies are alike. They unfold and blossom, dissolve and blossom again with the true alchemy you co-create. Ceremony as Art is an invitation to deepen your relationship of remembering who you truly are—creating ceremonies that last a lifetime—as you pull the threads together to create your unique tapestry of LIGHT.




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