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Once you click on the image and pay, the audio meditation files are downloadable immediately via dropbox and yours to keep for unlimited listening.

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Ceremony Event Videos

Planting seeds of light
a simple ceremony event

You’ll receive a 45 minute video recording of a simple ceremony event taped May 20, 2021. The ceremony was created to help you tune into more of your true expression beginning with creative shamanic journeying—followed by beginner step by step mandala making* to open you up to bringing into material form what has been stirring in your pure heart’s longing to bring forward in this now moment.

We are seeded from Source—dig in to open up more of what you are truly here to grow!

*no previous drawing skills necessary

Once you have purchased, you’ll receive a link to the video and a downloadable pdf file with step by step mandala instructions.

$20 (cad)



Guided journey information

Each meditation journey is a guided audio file. Choose the one that calls to you, allowing your own knowing to lead you to what is best for you in this now moment.


Purchase Process Info:
1. Click on image to go to paypal. 2. Wait for payment to be complete and you will be redirected immediately to the download link on dropbox. 3. Listen through dropbox link or download to your device.


Other audio recordings

An audio recording of the ceremony event—2021 ENTRY, Exiting the Distortion—held January 21, 2021. Click the image at left to purchase and receive the link for immediate download.

A special one hour AUDIO only recording of Our New Story, a ceremonial workshop November 22, 2020. Click the image (left) to purchase and receive the audio for immediate download.