Bespoke Ceremony fusion of Ancient and New Earth

PERSONAL Ceremony to Honour You*

Neo Ceremony – A NEW kind of Ceremony as Art


This is the kind of ceremony where YOU are the co-creator, and your own shaman. I’m passionate about helping women reclaim the power and ancient remembering through ceremony. Together we create the container, bring in all the tools and support needed to make sacred the moment. You step into your Sovereign Creatrix or Priestess archetype to honour your Body Temple and it’s connection to all that is.

In this one and a half hour private experience—I will weave the threads of my ancient shamanic training, my creative training, sound healing through light language, channeled information, and the art of my sacred living—together with the threads of your divine being—to create an exquisite ceremony in celebration of you. This usually consists of a planning session of half hour or so, followed by a ceremony outline, and a one hour personal ceremony either to be done in person or online.

Together, we will create personal ceremony for you to honour milestones or portals in your life journey. A ceremony to celebrate a threshold, a ceremony of closure, a ceremony for the Earth, or anything at all your creative heart needs in this moment.

*it is advised that you have an additional private session in advance of the ceremony in order to be in the fullness of possibility for your expanded light

This is a private session. For larger group ceremonies, please follow this LINK

(1.5 hour private session $150 CAD)*

*see this page for small group ceremonies

It’s my honour and my joy to work with you and to hold the space for the masterpiece that is you to thrive—using all the modalities I have learned, and the NEW that is always streaming into being in this now moment.


There are common threads to our experience as humans, and Ceremony as Art connects them with joy, but no two ceremonies are alike. They unfold and blossom, dissolve and blossom again with the true alchemy you co-create. Ceremony as Art is an invitation to deepen your relationship of remembering who you truly are—creating ceremonies that last a lifetime—as you pull the threads together to create your unique tapestry of LIGHT.

Private Sessions and Neo-Ceremonialist offerings combine any or all of the following . . .
. . . neo-shamanic journeying, sacred practices, CEREMONY as Art, sacred art making or creative exercises, light language or poetry activation—a bespoke fusion for each beautiful being I work with.


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